Safe Matrimony

Why Safe Matrimony?

Today, an enormous number of individuals utilize online matrimony / marriage services to look for a soul mate / life partner and millions have been married using the online web platform. There have been a couple of occurrences revealed in the media about fraudsters swindling certain individuals on internet-based marriage destinations like online matrimony websites. Safe Matrimony is our drive to direct you to a protected and safe search.

Never under any circumstance give money to anybody.

Anyone asking you for money is most likely in all probability a fraudster. They by and large case claim to be isolated, separated or living abroad and generally target people in the age range of 30 to 40, other than divorced people and single men. Such individuals don't show their face and won't come on video talk. They might even utilize another person's photographs. They prevail upon you through flatters and misleading guarantees. Later they request cash making up misleading stories like being stuck at the air terminal, lost charge cards and wallet, met with an unexpected mishap or somebody is fundamentally sick at home. Now and again, they say they need to send you money to settle down in India and later somebody calls saying it is stuck at customs and need money to deliver something very similar. Fraudsters ordinarily request single transfer of enormous sums. A few beginning with modest quantities and circle back to demands for enormous sums.

NO marital relationship strictly before marriage.

Focusing or committing on a marital relationship before marriage can be exceptionally dangerous for you. Try not to meet anybody alone in a booked spot or scheduled place, all things considered, meet them out in the open within the presence of the family members or elders.

Check background details prior to focusing or committing on marriage.

Kindly commit or focus on marriage solely after face-to-face meetings, particularly subsequent to meeting groom or bride’s parents / family members. Visit their work environment. Do an exhaustive individual reference check and you may likewise need to take a look at their online media profiles. Assuming that the individual is hesitant to share working environment or occupation details or meet face to face alongside guardians you should be cautious. Try not to commit or focus on marriage or keep on speaking with such individuals.